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The new instrument in your toolkit 

Brother's next generation Head Mounted Display, the AiRScouter WD-200B, is a compact device that easily connects to a wide variety of mdeical instruments.
The screen displays a clear HD quality image (720p) right in your visual field.

Get the information you need without taking your eyes off your work

When doing work by hand, you often need access to documentation or images, but getting this information from other devices means taking your eyes off your work.
The WD-200B lets you access this information more efficiently without having to shift your attention. 

A device that adapts to how you work

It's easy to adjust the WD-200B to display videos or information where you want them within your visual field, abnd because you can adjust the focus from 30cm to 5m, you can quickly switch your focus between the screen and your work as needed.

A device that adapts to fit you

The WD-200B uses Brother's original flexible-arm mechanism and headband to allow you to work with your head up or your head down.
The arm mechanism also allows the WD-200B to be worn the same way whether or not you are wearing glasses. 

Example Applications

  • Viewing 3D-CT imaging during a surgical operation
  • Using ultrasonography to guide vascular access
  • Viewing X-ray imaging during orthopedic surgery 

  • Accessing data hands-free on the job site: e.g. displaying pickinglists or part assemblies  


Learn more about the brother AiRScouter WD200B in the download section: