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A helmet-mounted see-through display for applications that involve training and simulating, navigation, maintenance support, and logistics under various, demanding conditions. 

Augmented reality HMD for hands-free procedures

The AIRO Helm, an augmented reality helmet-mounted display, offers high-resolution image quality (1280 x 1024) and the highest quality optical see-through solution with a 50-degree field of view. Ideal for applications that require a reliable high-quality HMD and involve training and simulation, navigation, logistics, and maintenance support under various conditions.

The lightweight AIRO HELM can be adapted to existing helmet mounts and is comfortable to wear for longer periods.

Key features

  • Field of view: 50 - 39(H)x31.25°(V)
  • Resolution 1280 x 1024
  • Refresh rate 60 - 85Hz
  • Contrast ratio 300:1
  • Display diameter 22.4mm (0.88")
  • Interfaces 2x DisplayPort, 2x USB / 3x USB
  • Weight: 380g