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Cinoptics - AIRO III

A new era in augmented reality head mounted display ultra lightweight design and low cost combined with a high resolution 


AIRO III: AR HMD based on OLED Technology

Cinoptics developed the AIRO series especially for Augmented Reality applications, particularly effective in hands free procedures. The lightweight OLED based AIRO III-AR combines the functionality that you would expect from an AR HMD, including integrated 1080P camera and 3 DOF head tracking. Its rugged design and lightweight, makes it ideal for a wide range of applications within the defence training and simulating, medical navigation and maintenance support, but also the industrial and Entertainment market. No other HMD offers the quality and field of view offered by the AIRO III at this price point.

The AIRO III-AR is a welcome addition to the existing AIRO/AIRO II series.


Learn more about the Cinoptics AIRO III in the download section:


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