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Force Dimension

With its unique 7 active degrees-of-freedom, the sigma.7 is the most advanced master haptic device ever designed by Force Dimension. Its endeffector covers the natural range of motion of the human hand and is compatible with bimanual teleoperation console design.

Ready For Space

The sigma.7 is the most accomplished master haptic interface ever designed by Force Dimension. Introducing a redesigned delta base, this device is the first commercial haptic interface to offer seven active degrees-of-freedom, including high-precision force-feedback grasping capabilities. The device is available in left and right hand configuration and can be integrated with a dual workstation setup for bimanual operation.

Designed for advanced aerospace and medical industries to enable elaborate control of dexterous robots, its highly ergonomic and distinctive design make the sigma.7 the reference device for safety-critical applications. The sigma.7 is also the first and only commercial 3D force-feedback interface to have ever been certified and used in space. 

Application Development

The Haptics SDK offers all the basic functions to read positions and to program desired forces in Cartesian space. Expanding these fundamental capabilities, the Robotics SDK leverages the Haptic SDK by introducing an advanced set of real-time routines to precisely control the position of the device. The Force Dimension SDK provides support for multi-threaded, multi-device programming and is available on a wide range of platforms including Windows, Linux, macOS, QNX and VxWorks.