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Haption - Able

The ABLE Exoskeleton is the only force-feedback system of the market today, which offers the following characteristics.


The ABLE Exoskeleton

The ABLE Exoskeleton is available in 3 configurations:

  1. 4 DOFs: Exoskeleton for the shoulder and elbow
  2. 5 DOFs: Exoskeleton for the shoulder, elbow and pronation & supination at the level of the wrist
  3. 7 DOFs: Exoskeleton for the shoulder, elbow and 3 DOFs of the wrist

Modular end-effector equipped with programmable switches
Gripping tool equipped with a proximity sensor, connected to a “dead-man” function: as long as the user does not hold the gripping tool in his hand, and as soon as he releases it, the motors are switched off, and no active movement can occur

Need a mechanical support to position the device at the right height to be correctly use Development kit (API) available for the major operating systems.


Learn more about the Haption ABLE Haptic Device in the download section:


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