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Virtuose 6D


The Virtuose 6D is a 6DOF haptic device, specifically designed to interact in Virtual Reality environments. Thanks to its large workspace and high forces, it allows true-to-scale interaction with your CAD data.

6 Active Degrees-of-Freedom

The Virtuose 6D is the only product on the market combining high force feedback in 6DOF with a large workspace. The Virtuose 6D is especially suited for 1-to-1 scale manipulations, e.g. within simulations and virtual reality as well as remote operations such as robot control. Furthermore, it is successfully used in rehabilitation applications and medical co-manipulation robotic solutions.

The Virtuose 6D is also available as a High Force Version, which allows doubling the level of force feedback available on the haptic device.

The Virtuose Family

The Virtuose series represents the core of Haption's technology. The Virtuose are serial architecture arms, allowing to manipulate in the 6 degrees of freedom. The force feedback is present either on the translations (Virtuose 3D, Virtuose 3D Desktop) or on both the translations and rotations (Virtuose 6D, Virtuose 6D Desktop). The Virtuose series is available in two sizes: the Desktop format and the Standard format. Haption covers all fields of applications where force feedback technology is relevant.