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PATRIOT is the perfect cost-effective, full 6DOF motion tracking solution for applications requiring up to two sensors.

Polhemus high level standard at an entry-level price

PATRIOT is the cost-effective, two-sensor solution for 6DOF tracking from Polhemus. With an update rate of 60 Hz per sensor, PATRIOT delivers the durability and high-level tracking standard Polhemus is known for. As with all Polhemus trackers, PATRIOT utilizes the quiet and stable AC electromagnetic technology. Update rates are always maintained, as A/C magnetics offer the best signal-to-noise ratios and incorporate sophisticated digital signal processing capabilities. PATRIOT can be used for a wide variety of applications. It is the trusted choice to power training simulators for welding, spray painting, and ultrasound trainers - to name just a few.

Two solutions in one

The PATRIOT is a 3D digitizer and a dual-sensor motion tracker, making it perfect for a wide range of applications requiring medium resolution, accuracy, and range. Computing the position and orientation of a small sensor as it moves through space, provides dynamic, real-time measurements of position (X, Y, and Z Cartesian coordinates) and orientation (azimuth, elevation, and roll).

Key features

Cost-effective: provides both position and orientation at an unbeatable value

Embeddable sensors: because no line-of-sight is required, sensors can be embedded into your custom form factor, product, or product accessory

Portable and easy to use: the lightweight system includes a systems electronics unit, a sensor, and a source. Installation takes just minutes and no user calibration is required.