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zSpace AIO / AIO PRO


The zSpace AIO/ AIO PRO combines elements of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality to create lifelike experiences that inspire curiosity, create engagement, and deepen understanding. 

Learning Through AR / VR Experiences

The freedom to move and interact

Every zSpace system has tracking built into the display. These sensors track your zSpace stylus and glasses. As you tilt your head to look around an object, zSpace dynamically updates to display the correct perspective in full high-definition.

Lightweight and sleek eyewear

From the metal frame of the Tracked Glasses to the lightweight form of the Follower Glasses, zSpace eyewear is essential, yet understated. Tracked Glasses provide a complete experience, while Follower Glasses allow peers to join in and participate.

Familiar interactions

The zSpace stylus is held like a pen. With 6 degrees of freedom, users can rotate their wrist naturally as they pick up and examine objects. The buttons on the stylus perform different actions depending on the application that is open. Outside of zSpace-use, users can switch to using a mouse for other Windows applications.

A wide range of applications

zSpace AIO/ AIO PRO runs applications that support teaching a wide range of learning objectives and bring the magic of zSpace to different fields of study, careers, and industries. From learning genetics or ecosystems in zSpace Studio to examining human body systems in Human Anatomy Atlas to assembling a car in Auto Expert by GTA, there’s something for everyone in zSpace. The zSpace AIO/ AIO PRO is a high-performing Windows platform that allows users to create new virtual experiences while completing traditional classroom activities.