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A visualization solution with an oblique projection surface for grounded objects


Pixels represent information and knowledge. The more you have, the more you know.
As resolution increases, so does the amount of information and knowledge a user interacts with. Higher resolution allows users to “see” more of their data during the discovery process.
The PowerWall systems go beyond a single projector to create a seamless, ultra-high resolution display of incredibly realistic graphics and detailed visuals.


Our solution enriches all research disciplines in a wide range of applications, including:

  • Team collaboration and presentation
  • Corporate training centers
  • Virtual prototyping, design reviews, and walkthroughs
  • Command and control
  • Medical and bioscience imaging
  • Seismic interpretation
  • Flat, Ultra High-Resolution, Large-Scale Display System


Present your realistic models, graphics, and virtual environments on any size screen, even from floor to ceiling.
Whatever your objectives are, Powerwalls are uniquely equipped to suit your needs. We help you specify the right system for your requirements, so you can most easily focus on the data and not the technology.
The large scale display, scalable projectors, and high resolution give you realistic 1:1 models in incredible detail. Powerwall displays can be as high resolution and as big as you need it to be.




Visit our Showroom and bring your own data to experience the quality, usability and performance of our visual stereo solutions. Take advantage of todays possibilties in visualising your CAD data to to accelerate knowledge retention, research & development, increase workflow productivity, visualize and analyze complex processes to shorten descisions and finally raise the value-added chain in your organization.

As an autorized sales partner for Dassault Systems 3DVIA, Lumiscaphe and TechViz we can service and support you with nearly any custom solution for the major Software applications in the market.


Learn more abot the zWall & Vario in the download section: