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  • Employ 3D creation software, Patchwork 3D Design, dedicated to product design and real-time 3D project review.
  • Use 3D creation software, Patchwork 3D Design, suited for design studios and offices as well as large industrial groups.
  • Access the essential tools for creating the appearance of your products, all available in Patchwork 3D Design.
  • Produce data with Patchwork 3D Design about the final product appearance that can be used by all departments in the company.


Features of the 3D Creation Software, Patchwork 3D Design:

  • Native import of CAD file formats.
  • Optimization of imported CAD data.
  • Definition of UV mapping for surfaces.
  • Creation highly realistic and entirely customizable materials.
  • Creation of a lighting environment.
  • Complete product staging.
  • Creation of animation scenarios.
  • Creation of product variants.


Benefits of the 3D Design Software Patchwork 3D Design

  • 3D creation software for designing the final appearance of a complete product.
  • Real-time rendering of products in photorealistic quality with Patchwork 3D Design reduces the number of physical mockups during design phases.
  • All the essential tools for creating a custom and unlimited library of visual resources are available in this 3D creation software.
  • Raytracing engine integrated in Patchwork 3D Design.


Lumiscaphe and the 3D Creation Software Patchwork 3D Design

  • 15 years of client satisfaction thanks to the solutions in our 3D Sensation offer.
  • A strong R&D team of certified and passionate engineers.
  • Maintenance and support plans for your 3D Sensation products including all updates.
  • Offices in Japan, the United States, and France to encourage growth and development of our clients and our market.
  • Account managers whose availablility and responsiveness improve your user experience with our products.
  • A project strategy that guides you not only through the design stages but also through the technical development of your project.