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TechViz XL

- Your fast track to Immersive 3D Visualization


It acts like a driver to a virtual reality system, and is the tool to display a 3D model on any type of stereo display system, in 1:1 scale. There is no data conversation: so make changes in your native application and visualize them instantly in the virtual environment. You will be able to navigate inside your project, interact with your model, and have a fully immersive experience in your data

TechViz XL is compatible with more than 200 industrial and Virtual Reality applications.


Product description

  • Driver to immersive visualization
  • Work from your existing 3D application on any 3D display
  • HMD, CAVE, screen, auto stereoscopic and Multi display screens
  • In real time
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Schema archi TechViz XLbis



  • Navigation option
  • Tracking option
  • Software warping & Edge Blending
  • Software compositing (multiple GPU per video output to improve the frame rate)
  • High resolution video player



  • Review projects
  • Identify errors at an early stage of conception
  • Improve team work and collaboration
  • Train your team
  • Assess risks and safety for maintenance operations
  • Save time and money during the design phase of your product
  • Study ergonomics
  • No FTEs needed for Data Preparation


Learn more about the TechViz XL in the download section: