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Interactive virtual learning software for natural anatomy and mechanical structures


Cyber Science 3D™ is a comprehensive package of detailed, interactive virtual dissection experiences focused on aiding in the learning and exploration of natural anatomy and mechanical structures.

Rather than providing scripted sessions or video clips, this product instead places high quality educational resources directly in the hands of instructors and students to maximize the level of interactivity in the classroom - interactivity between teachers and students and interactivity between students and the content. The creation of the content is focused on aiding the learning and exploration of STEM principles throughout the K-12 standards. 

The result is a unique, immersive visual experience that allows students to observe and interact with high fidelity models of structures in stereoscopic (or non-stereoscopic) 3D


All content is available in 3D

All content is fully interactive. This means that educators can customize content for presentation to students, or students can independently explore models and simulations. When connected to a 3D Ready device, such as a projector, interactive whiteboard, or 3D TV, active 3D shutter glasses enable an unrivaled immersive experience.

All content is available for traditional display

Classrooms, students, or laboratories that are not equipped with 3D equipment can interact with all content using traditional non-stereographic computers, projectors, and interactive whiteboards.


High fidelity models and simulations

The quality and accuracy of our models is unparalleled. Just check them out on our website or with a free 30-day trial!


Fully configurable

Using our unique ‘Presenter’ function (see video at right), an educator can prepare, save, and replay detailed sequences highlighting relevant scientific concepts for group presentation and discussion. Labels for all objects are available in multiple languages, and in grade-appropriate (primary, intermediate, and secondary) format. The system supports the entry of user-defined labels and functional descriptions to provide a compelling learning experience!


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